Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Tim Tebow Effect: Faith and Football

Tim Tebow believes in God and is unapologetic about it.  As this season comes to a close, Tebow has seen both success and failure on the football field.  Many critics continue to be baffled as to why Tebow has been successful at all and here is my take on why Tim Tebow can and will win football games in the NFL and how his strong faith helps him on the football field. 

Recently, Terrell Suggs made a comment on ESPN first take mocking Tim Tebow suggesting that God had a divine say into how the Broncos fared this season.  It was a shameless low blow on Tim's faith and Suggs should be ashamed for making the comment.  Truth is, Tim Tebow does not believe divine favor plays any role in the Broncos success or failure this season. 

He does, however, depend on his world-view and his faith through every action of his life, including football. In that sense, his faith is helping him to victory. Tim's allows his faith to control the type of player he is on the football field. 

Tim's faith in action:
1) His humility tells him that he must work hard to achieve - he doesn't "deserve" it and he won't choose to live off his talent.  Preparation plays a huge role in the success of a professional athlete.
2) His belief that eternity is more important than earthly things, gives him calmness when the game is on the line (it's just a football game). 
3) His belief that he must live every moment, not for himself first, but for others, makes him a great and respected teammate.  A leader is an example to others and football is a team game.
4) His humility also keeps him from getting involved in smack talk, stupidity, and other things that waste time instead of moving him towards accomplishing what his job is. Focus.

Tim Tebow is what a real Christian looks like and should look like. That's why he's hated. Problem is, he's probably getting a lot of flack for what other "Christians" have done, not himself personally. Many Christians have failed to be what Christ has called them to be, and have made Christianity look fake or for holier than thou. Truly not the case...Jesus came to save those who are willing to admit they are sinners, not those who pretend to have it taken care of. Tim Tebow is a man of faith, depending on Christ - why? Because he knows he's not God and needs God. That's true Christianity. 

Yeah, Christianity has been made to look bad by an Americanized Church populace, but by all indications, Tim Tebow is the real deal.  What would the world look like if being a Christian was the cool and accepted way to live? 

The Broncos aren't winning by divine favor, but Tim Tebow is leading them to success, because those that TRULY follow Christ are servants/leaders that make those around them better through leading by example.  Tim Tebow wins because he believes in himself. His teammates believe in him and he's able to play at a high level when the game is on the line.
I will always like Tim's approach to the game. I don't have to tell you what that is, just watch a game and listen to what he says and you'll know. Tim will constantly face adversity, he faced it warming the bench and he'll face it on the field now that he starts.   Adversity is part of the game, overcoming adversity is what teams do to win. Tim's faith is very important to him and his faith has helped him overcome some downright nasty criticism from all kinds of outlets. Have you heard some of the questions he's had to field? I know for a fact that some players would not be able to handle what he has to deal with every week, so as far as I'm concerned the way he handles himself is just **IMPRESSIVE**. Whether you like or despise his public displays of faith, I think he's flat out earned a high level of respect from everyone, even the teams he beats on the field.  

After a week 14 win against the Bears, Brian Urlacher made a nasty comment about Tebow after the game and Tebow just thanked Urlacher and called him a great player. The ability to let criticism and insults slide off you is just so rare in professional sports. What's also rare is he is constantly respectful of everyone even those making or asking scathing questions/comments. These are the guys I will always respect. Let me be clear, he's not the only high character player in the NFL, not by a long shot, but he may be the most criticized player in the NFL today and he's able to handle it with ease.  As Tebow leads his broncos to square off against the Steelers in the playoffs I wish him nothing but the best.  The NFL needs Tim Tebow and should embrace the effect he makes everytime he steps on to the field.  

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