Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Expect The Unexpected - Ozzie Guillen's 2012 Marlins Expectations.

When it comes to managing baseball games, Ozzie Guillen can stake a legitimate claim to being the most outspoken personality in the game today.  Apparently skipper Guillen set out to make a bold statement to his new Miami Marlins club by highlighting his stance on his teams dress code as well as his overall expectations in the forthcoming season.  From Guillen's mouth to you,

"I don’t care if you go there buck-naked with your pants (F-ing) down your ass, your hair down to your legs. Just win games. When you win games you look cool. When you lose games, you look dirty," Guillen said.

"Be on time and play the game right – that's my rule. It should be that way. If you're late, you better give me a good excuse…

"You're late for the (F-ing) National Anthem? The National Anthem is (F-ing) 10 minutes before the game starts. We're going to start in 10 minutes and you're late?"
"A lot of people have been kllled to make this country free for us. You should be there for at least two minutes," he said.

"Respect that, especially if you come from another (damn) country, you should be there an hour before…

"I think it looks good for baseball when you are in the stands and you see the team respect the National Anthem," he said.

"Kids can see that, the respect."

There it is, Ozzie at his finest but you know what? He's right.  Could it have been said better? Sure, but the point is clear, respect the game and take pride in what you do.  The party begins and ends in Miami this season and one thing is certain we all won't want to miss it!

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