Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal - Opening Day 2012

Even though Major League Baseball has officially begun out in Japan, next thursday and friday will mark a yearly ritual in which every ballclub across the nation is on the same footing.  Every team will start the year with the same record, the same hopes for the new year, and the same eager fans filling home ballparks to watch their beloved teams play.  The term hope springs eternal is synonymous to the feelings that children have as they stare wide-eyed as their heroes take the field.  It's embodied in the elderly couple who faithfully fufill their season ticket holdings year in and year out.  Every fan gets the same unique feeling at the exact same time.  If there's one thing in baseball that is truly constant it's hope.  So whether you're a rockies fan breathing mountain air or a marlins fan from south beach, happy opening day - may your team bring excitement to your eyes, play ball!

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